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1. Do I need to log in to my account to receive your football tips?

– No, we will send the tips directly to your email inbox.

2. How soon will I start receiving my tips?

– Once you have completed payment, you will start receiving your tips immediately.

3. When exactly are tips emailed to me?

– Tips are emailed early so that you have plenty of time to place your bets before the matches. You will receive your tips at least 4 – 8 hours prior to the start of a match.

4. Do I need to do any match research?

– No, we do all the research and then select the tips that offer the best winning odds. We then send these tips directly to you so you don’t have to do anything other than place your bets and collect your winnings.

5. What if I don’t have a favorite betting system?

– We will provide you with a recommended system that you can use. This system has shown great results for all types of bettors who use our tips.

6. Do I have to be a soccer fan to do well with your tips?

– No, the truth is you don’t even have to like – or watch – soccer to succeed with our tips.

7. What kind of tips do you provide?

– We provide accumulator tips only.